What are the different types of steel?

14/07/2014 15:21

In the world, steel is most widely used metal due to several properties containing in the stainless steel. Stainless steel is corrosive resistance one and it contains different types of grades. Some of the common grades of stainless steel sheet are 304 and 316. 304 stainless steel sheet is the cost effective one and it contains more durability and corrosive resistance one.

Stainless steel sheet is made of carbon and iron in which it has several applications throughout the world starting from construction to commercial applications. Stainless steel comes in different types of forms and this article explains you about the main types of steel alloy.

Carbon steel

In this type of steel, the amount of carbon contained in this is about 0.12% to 2%. Metals, which belong to this category, do not contain other alloy metals such as nickel, cobalt and chromium. It is also important to note that content of copper do not exceed 0.4% and they do not contain more than 0.6% silicon, copper and 1.65 % manganese.

There are three types based on the content of carbon. Wrought iron is one type of steel with little carbon content in it. Some of the applications of this type of iron are fences, outdoor furniture, gates and in decorative applications.

Steel Alloys

There are different types of steel alloys. Stainless steel sheet contains carbon, iron, and other type of metals in it. The amount contained in these metals is clearly declared. Among different types of metals, alloy metals, which are used widely, are nickel, copper, chromium, aluminum, cobalt, tungsten and titanium. These are the metals, which is used to improve the properties of the steel alloys containing carbon and iron.