How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Word Not Responding

15/04/2015 17:08

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Should you execute one of many subsequent treatments in just one of the Microsoft Office plans which are outlined by the end of the post, this program might stop replying (hold) to get a longtime:

As dialog box the Save clicks in number within the Save.

The Appearance is clicked by you in the Great Outdoors dialog box in number.

Should you press Cancel or try to shut the dialog package, this program still does not answer.

Moreover, in 2007 Microsoft Office programs, you may have the following message:

Initializing Versions

Initializing the main folders to display



This issue might happen if any one of the next problems is not false:

Mapped community shares which can be nonexistent or that are currently offline if the computer is linked to more than one.

The push is in a domain, and when more than one mapped drives are chronic that's not trusted.

If the travel that was planned is located on even a down or a sluggish -level pc. A down-degree pc is if the OS of the computer possesses an earlier variation of Microsoft Windows compared to the pc that you will be applying).

When a mapped drive is related across a Wide Area System (WAN).

Each time there is definitely a drive an unavailable push that is removable.


To eliminate this issue, you should disconnect all system pushes which can be have anybody of the ailments that are explained in the "Cause" part. To do this, follow these ways.


Note because there are lots of variants of Microsoft Windows, these steps may be unique on your PC. See the item documentation to perform these steps if they're.

Correct-click Our Computer, after which click Remove Network Drive.

Inside the Disconnect Community Push dialog box, click the drive's notification that then, and you want to remove click okay.

Repeat measures 1 and 2 until all traditional community drives are disconnected. If you are uncertain about a certain push, follow these methods:

Press Start, and then click Function.

In-the-Open box, variety the following, then click ENTER\computer name share brand

That is spreading the resource wherever pc name could be the label of the server, and share title is the brand of the resource that is shared that you would like to-use.

If the resource is unavailable, you get an error message that is just like the following:

The network label cannot be observed.

Instead, you can try to look at the drive in the Windows Explorer's contents.


To work this conduct around, employ among the methods that are following.

Method 1: Do not use persistent connections

Whenever you join a planned drive, click to clear the Reconnect check-box. By cleaning this checkbox, the mapped travel won't link next time which you log-on to the computer. See-the "More Information" part about how exactly to map a system drive, for information.

Method 2: Use a user logon script

Make use of a logon program to get in touch the correct machines and an every time the person logs on if you're able to. Be sure that the software maps the drive in a non condition that is chronic. The drive isn't mapped because the logon program runs when the push isn't accessible. The issue is prevented by this behavior.

Method 3: Use server mirroring

When the connection has ended a Wide Area System (WAN), consider implementing host mirroring. Machine replicating copies a host that is remote locally. Then, chart your travel to the nearby, machine that is identical. By linking to a regional server, carrying this out may reduce steadily the wait time.

Method 4: Use a shortcut to the network location

Work with a shortcut on the Microsoft Windows desktop or Within My System Places to attach for the network spot.